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2011 Persimmon Quilts               "Love-in-the-Mist" Border Star #4
Cutting Instructions:     For a pleasing scrappy look, be sure to use a variety of fabrics. 

  Background.....................   (4)  3 1/2" squares
                                               (3)  4 1/4" squares - draw a diagonal line on wrong side.    **See note on Step 1

  Med/Dark Blue.................  (3)  4 1/4" squares     **See note on Step 1

Sewing Instructions:  

Make Quarter Square Triangles (QST) by placing (1) 4 1/4" Background square on top of (1) 4 1/4" Med/Dark
Blue square, right sides together.  Sew 1/4" on each side of line. Cut apart on line, and press to Blue.   No need to
square up yet. Next, place one HST on top of another HST, right sides together, and seams in opposite
directions. Sew 1/4" on each side of drawn line.  Cut apart on line, and press to Blue.    Square up to 3 1/2"
Make 5

** (You will have 1 left over. This can be used to make other Star Block #4 blocks needed in border project)
Assemble your block as shown:
Your block should measure 9 1/2"
Make 4
Cooyright 2011 Persimmon Quilts