Quilts of Valor Autographed Star Block

   This project is sponsored by the NE Oklahoma Quilts of Valor group that
meets at the Broken Arrow Downtown Library the 2nd Saturday of every  month.
Thank you for participating in this Quilts of Valor Project.  We are attempting to
help comfort all the war wounded from the War on Terror.  Your Autographed
Star Block will be joined with other blocks that are sent to us to make a Quilt of
Valor for a wounded serviceperson.  We welcome blocks from all states!

After making and autographing your block, please put it in a Ziploc bag or plastic
and mail it in a #10 envelope with a 1st class stamp to:

Quilts of Valor Block Project
Persimmon Quilts
15031 S. 4150 Rd
Claremore, OK 74017              (or drop it off at SewFlakes in Broken Arrow)
             **** I took an envelope w/block to my post office, and they said it would
go for one 1st class stamp, but if in doubt, please verify at your post office.
Apparently it isn't the weight of the one block, but how thick the envelope is that
increases the postage, so be sure to squeeze all the air out of the baggie! ****

          Please use pre-washed fabrics that mostly read solid Red and Blue. 
Small scale patriotic prints are fine. Please – no florals or obvious fabrics that
are not patriotic.

The white background fabric can be White-on-White, White Muslin (recommended
for easier autographing), or a very small red or blue print on white.

     You may make your block as the color combination shown, or red and blue reversed (i.e. red flying geese and blue Indian Hatchet block).  The instructions
below are written for blue flying geese and red Indian Hatchet.  We will be putting
both colored blocks in the same quilt, so color choice is your preference. Your
block can be scrappy, or not.
Cutting Instructions (for block color illustrated above):
       Blue……….  (4)  3 7/8” squares
       Red………..  (2)  3 ½” squares  (draw a diagonal line on wrong side of fabric)
       White……. (for illustration purposes, we used a white w/red print)
                              (1)  6 ½” square                   
                              (1) 7 ¼” square
                              (4)  3 ½” squares

Sewing Instructions:
1.Make an Indian Hatchet block by placing a Red 3 ½” square on top of one
corner of the 6 ½” White square, right sides together.  Sew on the diagonal line.
Cut your seam allowance to ¼”, flip and press .  Repeat process in opposite corner.

2.Next make  (4) Flying Geese by using the No Waste Flying Geese Method.

Assemble your block as shown.  Your block should measure 12 ½” unfinished.
Using a Pigma pen, or other fabric permanent marker, please autograph your center block with: (PLEASE, PLEASE use a permanent FABRIC marker that will not bleed!!
       •Your name (FIRST NAME ONLY!)
       •City & State
       •A verse or words of comfort (optional)
   (Ironing freezer paper to the back of block makes writing easier)
             **If you'd like confirmation of receipt of your block, please enclose email                               address with your block**

We will be posting finished quilts on our website: www.persimmonquilts.com in the Quilts of Valor portfolio.

We will have new block patterns posted periodically, so check back often, and keep on sewing!

                         Still at war; still quilting.
     Thank You!!!!!    Le Ann, Norlene, Linda & QOV gals     Email

With right sides of fabric together,
lay two of the Blue 3 7/8” squares
on the 7 ¼” White square, as shown
(they will slightly overlap).  Using a
ruler, draw a light pencil line
diagonally from top left corner to
bottom right corner.

Stitch a scant 1/4 inch on both sides
of the drawn line.  Cut apart on the
center drawn line. Press seams
toward Blue.
Draw a diagonal line on wrong
side of another blue 3 7/8” square. 
With right sides together, lay one
of the marked  squares on the
sewn unit and stitch 1/4 inch on
both sides of drawn line.  Cut apart
on drawn line.

Repeat with the remaining unit
and the remaining smaller square.

Your flying geese units should measure 3 1/2" x 6 1/2"

No Waste Flying Geese method courtesy of www.patchpieces.com
Here's a picture of just some of the blocks we've received.
Best if viewed & printed using Internet Explorer
For another block that uses the center Autograph block----"Words of Comfort" Block