QOV BLOCK DRIVE           Bowtie
This block is a quick and easy one. Done in red, white, and blues it makes a fun
pattern, no matter the setting.  

The block is composed of 4 bowtie blocks, rotated to make an "X". Check out the fun quilt these X's make at the bottom of the pattern.
CUTTING INSTRUCTIONS:       (Let's go scrappy - try to use all different reds and bues!)

WHITE  (Bleached Muslin, Tone-0n-Tone, White Kona)    
            (8)  3 1/2" squares

RED:     (4)  3 1/2" squares
            (4)  2" squares - draw a diagonal line on wrong side of fabric

            (4)  3 1/2" squares
            (4)  2" squares - draw a diagonal line on wrong side of fabric

Begin by placing a RED 2" square, right sides together on top of a 3 1/2" WHITE square as shown.
Stitch on the drawn line, trim 1/4" seam allowance, flip back and press.

      12 1/2"
Make 4
Repeat the above process to make BLUE units.
Make 4

Arrange your blocks and Red and Blue squares as shown:             Your block should measure 12 1/2"
Please sign your 12 1/2" block (in a white area).  If you'd like to include words of comfort and/or thanks, please also write that in a white area.  (PLEASE, PLEASE only use a fabric pen or marker - not regular ink pen!!).

Send block(s) to:          Quilts of Valor Block Drive
                                   % Persimmon Quilts
                                  15031 S. 4150 Rd
                                  Claremore, OK 74017

If you'd like confirmation for receipt of your block(s), please include a note with your name and email address.
If you're making this block(s) as part of an internet forum project, please include the name of the forum, so we will group those blocks together.

This quilt is made with (16)  12 1/2" blocks, an inner border in red, then an outer border of single bowtie blocks with blue cornerstones.
58" x 58"
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