QOV Mystery 6                  Clue #5
Cutting Instructions:

   Red:..............(32)  4 1/2" squares, draw a diagonal line on wrong side
                        (12)  4 1/2" squares
Sew (1) "B" unit between (2) 4 1/2" RED squares as shown:
Make 6
Place (1) 4 1/2" RED square on one corner of (1) WHITE Framed Pinwheel unit. Stitch on drawn line. Cut seam allowance to 1/4", flip back, and press.  Continue in same manner until all four corners have a Red quick corner, as shown.
Make 8
Sew (2) White Framed Pinwheel units with Red Quick Corners to (1) Gold Framed Pinwheel unit with Red Quick Corners as shown:
Make 4
Sew (1) "RR" unit, (1) "LL" unit, and (1) "YY" unit together as shown:
RR         LABEL:  BLOCK 1


YY           Make 4
Sew (1) "SS" unit, to (2) "YY" units as shown:
YY         LABEL:  BLOCK 2


YY         Make 1
This ends Clue #5
LABEL:  3 Block Strip
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