Persimmon Quilts offers:
                       *Longarm Quilting
                       * T-Shirt Quilts
                       *Basting service

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For longarm quilting estimates, please measure your quilt  - width x length. This number will determine your square inches.

.There are a few factors I use to determine an estimate:
         * Size of quilt
         * Amount of quilting desired
                 I offer everything from simple meandering, edge to edge to
                 full custom, heirloom quilting. The denser the quilting, the more
                 your quilting will cost.
         * Batting
                 Normally my customers provide  their own batting, but I also 
                 stock some battings.
          * Threads
                  Basic thread for non-custom quilting is included in the estimate.
                  Custom quilting and/or varigated or metallic threads are extra.
          * Binding
                  My quilting estimates do NOT include binding, but I can give 
                  you a separate estimate for that.

OK, now that you've measured your quilt and read the above information, give me a call or send an email,  and I can give you an estimate of the cost and turn around time for your quilting.    Le Ann

          My phone number is:  918-855-5150           or        Email Me.
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