Persimmon Quilts - Studio Remodel
Work began in mid-December. My very talented woodworker husband, Scott builds the fixtures, I am the painter, and our son, Mitch helps by supplying extra needed muscle. My studio is a two bedroom apartment above our garage. Entry is via outside deck steps.
Next the ugly carpeting had to go. In it's place is beautiful wood grain laminate. LOVE IT!  
Scott & Mitch installing floor receptacle for my new sewing table.
Mitch taking a break.
First step: painting.  I chose Melange Green by Sherwin Williams.  I LOVE this color.  It changes tones throughout the day from bright, lime green to a softer "baby avocado guacamole kinda green" in lower light.

I only painted two walls. I left the wall 
behind my longarm and one other wall
The guys moving my quilt display hutch.

Mitch putting the finishing touch on my new flooring.
Custom Sewing Table
Using my design plan, Scott built my custom "L" shaped sewing table.  It is 7' long, with built in drawers, space for my Janome, and for two more sewing stations on the back side. 
When we closed our quilt shop in '05 we brought two of my cutting tables to my studio. They are extremely sturdy and heavy!  After building the sewing table, we installed bead board on the sides of the cutting tables and painted them white.  Scott installed double doors on one, and built drawers for the other.  I hang my rulers on the inside of the double doors, and the drawers contain my pre-cuts and Fat Quarters.
Like my drawer labels?  I made little quilts to label my drawers!
Several years ago Scott built an ironing table for me.  I hung curtains along the front to hide the extra storage underneath.  To better utilize this storage area, he recently built vertical drawers for my thread spools and cones.  LOVE IT!  
​Pull out drawers for my threads, a storage drawer, and pull out trash can.
(Photo taken before painting)
My studio has 6 doors and 13 windows!  Love all the natural light in my studio, but not much wall space for a design wall.  The main studio has a 6'x7' open storage nook area.  Scott built a sliding, barn door style design wall.  It not only serves as a wonderful design wall, but also does double duty as a door to hide my storage closet.  It's built of study 2x4's and particle board.  We glued foam insulation boards to it, then covered with Warm & Natural batting. 
Scott and Mitch carrying the very heavy design wall.                                                 Installing the design wall on the barn door tracks.
They had to lug this monster up the steps to my studio.
Insulation boards are glued on.                                                                      Attaching Warm & Natural batting to bottom board that was then screwed 
                                                                                                                                             to bottom of design wall.
Installing the roller stops.
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New sewing stations for the classroom, built by my husband, Scott.
Scott is installing my cabinets.
Installing the drawer pulls.
I love my new counter top. Room for two to sew and plenty of storage, too!
Installing the corner cabinet.
A Lazy Susan for my longarm books!
My new armoire. See hubby peeking from behind his creation?
Scott is building the cabinet for my office desk.
He even built dividers for my rulers in my armoire drawers!
​Mitch installing lighting for under the upper cabinets and hiding the wiring from view.
Dad is supervising.
​Measuring for track lighting installation above the longarm. After 10 years of longarming, it is definitely time for new lighting!
Better, but not quite enough light. We'll be adding two more bulbs.
LOVE my new cabinets!!
Scott built this side light for my longarm. Much easier to see when quilting matching thread/fabric color. He watched the Youtube video by Jamie Wallen for this idea.  Definitely a big help, especially when working with black on black.
Finished studio almost one year to the day of starting this remodel. 
                                 I LOVE MY NEW STUDIO!!
Here's some 'Before' photos. I really needed some organization in my studio!!